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Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport is committed to finding new and useful ways to reduce our impact on the environment.

In 2010, LIT partnered with Energy Systems Group in a multi-year $9 million energy savings contract for key energy conservation and building upgrades.

The project implemented by Energy Systems Group will reduce the airport's carbon footprint by over 4,900 metric tons of carbon dioxide and will provide the airport with over $650 thousand in energy savings each year, over the next fifteen years.

ESG improvements include reduction of electricity, natural gas, and water consumption through a number of processes/measures.


          LIT will implement:

  • HVAC and electrical system improvements
  • A new building automation system
  • Lighting retrofits
  • A new backup generation system 
  • Installation of a 1 KW wind turbine

         Green practices at LIT include:

  • The airport is pursuing a Green Globes certification for Phase I of the terminal renovation project
  • LED lighting has been phased in on the airfield
  • LIT currently recycles approximately 49.88 tons of card board/paper annually
  • LIT gathers 30-40 yards of scrap metal annually
  • LIT uses paper shredding services that recycle all shredded paper
  • LIT’s electronic waste is recycled twice a year
  • The airport's current operating fleet has 32 medium and light duty vehicles, 16 of which are CNG 

         Green goals at LIT include: 

  • Develop a comprehensive recycling program to capture most paper, glass, plastic, and aluminum
  • As Phase I terminal renovation takes place, phase in the use of recycling receptacles and ensure adequate storage space is programmed in the construction to accommodate the recycling program
  • Phasing in the use of electric/hybrid vehicles for terminal maintenance
  • Expanded use of alternative fuel vehicles
  • Expanded use of LED lighting whenever possible
  • Continued efforts to reduce the consumption of electricity, natural gas, and water
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