FREE Wi-Fi Info

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Image of two men with one using laptopWe keep you connected at Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport! 

FREE Wi-Fi is available throughout the terminal, on both sides of security, inside retail outlets and restaurants.  

How To Connect

Connecting to the Free Wi-Fi at Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport is as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Ensure your computer's wireless adapter or card is turned on.  Depending upon your computer, it could be as easy as flipping a switch.  It may even be on already!
  2. Ensure your computer is connecting to LRNAFreeWiFi.  This network is the Airport's free Wi-Fi; do not accept anything else!  Your computer should have a connection indicator in the lower right hand corner (Windows systems), which may vary depending on the management software used.  It usually resembles a computer with or without waves radiating outward.  This is where you can make sure the correct network is selected.
  3. Open your web browser.  Once open, the browser should redirect to a "Terms of Use" page.  Scroll down the page and accept the terms of use by clicking the "Accept" button at the bottom of the page.

Image of a man in glasses using laptopThat's it! You are now ONLINE!

Note: Modem-ready data ports are available at pay telephone locations throughout the terminal and the concourse. Four charging stations are conveniently located near the Customer Care Center on the second level of the terminal. 


Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport
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