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Message from the Little Rock Municipal Airport Commission 


Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport/Adams Field (LIT), Little Rock, Arkansas, has prepared this Emergency Contingency Plan pursuant to §42301 of the FAA Modernization and Reform Act of 2012. Questions regarding this plan can be directed to Charles Jones at Clinton National Airport is filing this plan with the Department of Transportation because it is a commercial airport.
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Welcome to the Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport where our mission is to ensure that each customer has an exemplary airport experience.

The Little Rock Municipal Airport Commission has adopted a customer service statement and issued a call for the airlines serving BHC to join with the Commission in working to address passenger complaints related to flight delays, baggage delivery and staffing shortages.

The policy, which was adopted in furtherance of the airport’s goal of affording everyone using the facility an “exemplary airport experience”, contains the following provisions:

  • If a delay is expected to exceed an hour and a gate is available, the airline is encouraged to take delays at the gate or bring diverted flights into a gate in order to enable passengers to deplane.
  • If a flight is delayed at this airport for an hour after leaving the gate, the airline is encouraged to return the aircraft to the gate and to allow passengers to deplane.
  • If all of the gates at the terminal are full, the airport will designate an aircraft parking area on the ramp or will close taxiways to accommodate the aircraft. In this event, the airline is encouraged to open the aircraft’s front door for ventilation to the extent weather permits. If the aircraft is at the ramp or parked on a taxiway in excess of 1 ½ hours, the airport will make buses available to the airline to transport passengers to the terminal for the remainder of the delay.
  • If an aircraft is parked either on the ramp or on a taxiway, the airport will make staff available to escort airline staff to the aircraft so they may provide refreshments and food to the passengers on the delayed aircraft. If the airline does not operate at Little Rock, the airport will ensure those additional refreshments are provided.
  • In the case of all delays or diversions, airlines are encouraged to provide the most current and accurate information to their passengers on a frequent basis.
  • If a flight is diverted to Little Rock and this is a passenger’s final destination, the passengers should be allowed to deplane with/without baggage rather than requiring him/her to continue beyond Little Rock, only to return to the final destination listed on the ticket (Little Rock).
  • Airlines are strongly encouraged to maintain staffing levels which will enable them to provide timely service to customers at the gate, baggage service offices (if applicable) and ticket counters.

In adopting the policy, the Commission said it “believes an improvement in the level of service offered to passengers is in the long term interest of the passengers, the airport and the airlines”. Concurrently, the Commission made clear that it is aware “that the captain is in full command of his/her aircraft. However, the Commission believes it is important it state formally what its expectations are regarding the treatment of customers at this airport.”

The policy has been discussed with representatives of all airlines serving Clinton National Airport.

Thank you for your interest in the Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport. We are confident that you will enjoy using our airport.


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